• How many years International Restaurant Awards has been organised ?
    Year 2024 is the 6th Annual edition of the International Restaurant Awards.
    International Restaurant Awards was formerly known as International Dining Awards. The name is rebranded to "International Restaurant Awards" for offering a great visibility to our winners in the Restaurants, Food and Beverage industries
  • Who can register / nominate for International Restaurant Awards ?
    The following are eligible to nominate at International Restaurant Awards
    • Individual Restaurant
    • Restaurant Chains
    • Hotel Restaurants /Caf√©
    • Fine Dining Restaurants
  • What is the judging Criteria for the Award program ?
    The Judging criteria are based on service delivery, Menu offerings, Ambience, online reviews, public popularity etc. The restaurant size, brand are not taken into consideration to determine the eligibility

  • Do you inspect the restaurant as part of the award process?

    Yes , inspection is a part of the award process .Our jury and management decides on inspecting a restaurant.

  • Can we pay to increase the chances of winning the award ?
    The selection process is based on jury review, voting ,inspection etc. 
    We strictly do not accept /encourage any payment for increasing your chances.

Fee / Cost Involved

  • What is the Nomination Fee ?
    The nomination fee typically covers the administrative costs associated with reviewing and evaluating submissions. The Nomination or Registration cost depends on the number of awards and number of categories you participate in each award. Please refer to our nomination plan inclusions & pricing at the end of this page
  • Is there a FEE / Cost involved to enter into the awards program?

    There is a very minimal fee applicable for nominating at the Award program. You can download the Nomination Media kit to know about the Nomination Price and Offers with all inclusions at https://therestaurantaward.com/fee-cost-involved

  • What is a Winner Package ?
    Winner package helps you to promote your winning and take your branding to the next level. We have designed a variety of winner packages with lots of promotional benefits. 
    The Winner package includes the following
    • RIGHTS to use International Dining Awards Logo, Brand Name & Winner announcement to the public.
    • Winner Trophy
    • Winner Plaque
    • Winner Certificate - digital
    • Winner Badge - Digital
    • Website Listing Services & etc.
    Please refer to the winner package details at  https://goldentreeawards.com/wp-kit

Voting & Claim Points

  • How do I get votes ?
    You will be provided with a  Unique Voting Link / URL. This URL will be available in your award portal login / account.
    You need to share this Voting URL /QR Code to clients ,partners, industry friends.
  • When does the voting close ?
    Please refer to the voting start & end schedule at  https://internationaldiningawards.com/schedule
  • How does the point system work ?
    To encourage all our participants, We offer a points for every campaigns they do. You can refer the points for each voting activity you do at "Claim Points" section.
  • Can I track my votes ?
    Yes, you can track all the votes received by logging in to your account.
  • Can I get voting points for my campaigns ?
    To encourage every nominee, We offer voting points for each marketing /voting campaign they do.
    You can claim the voting points just by submitting the screenshot / proof of your marketing activities.
    you can claim Points for the below marketing activities.
    • Email Campaigns 
    • WhatsApp Status Message / Broadcast
    • Social Media Sharing ( FB / Instagram / Twitter & etc )
    • PR Submission
    • Placing Voting widget in your website
    • Placing voting banner in your email signatures
    • Facebook / Google Paid ads
    • and any other Unique & Legal way of promotions.
    Please refer to the "Claim Points" section in your award portal login for more details.
  • How can I claim voting Points ?
    Its very easy to claim points for your voting campaigns.
    You just need to show some proof such as screenshot or URL of your campaign.

    Please follow the below steps to claim your points
    1). Click  "Claim Points"  on Header Link (top header).
    2). You can see the Blue color Button "Claim Points". Click this Button.
    3). Select Your Nomination Company ( Hotel / Restaurant / Spa),  Upload Screenshot of your campaign, Enter more details such as URL & Etc.  Thats All. Click "Submit"
    Our team will take 3 to 5 working days to review the details and approve /reject your claim points.
  • What is a PR Submission ?
    PR or Press Release is one of the powerful online media. There are so many PR websites related to Dining around the world. You can simply google "Dining PR websites" or "International Dining PR websites"
    Some PR companies charge and some companies give free posting .
    Here is a guideline to submit a PR :
    Step 1 : Write 1 Page article about your nomination at the award program.
    Step 2 : Mention the Award Program with Award website Link. For example, If you are nominated at International Dining Awards then mention   https://internationaldiningawards.com/ website in the PR content.
    Step 3 : Find the PR website and submit
  • Any tips for submitting the PR ?
    Here are our tips 
    1. Find the Dining News / Dining PR website in your country. You can search in google.
    2. Approach them and send the best content. 
    Note : If your content is good then many PR websites do not charge and they would love to publish.
    3. Follow-up with them for making it  live.

    IMPORTANT : Do not forget to link our award website. You will be eligible for the points only if you have mentioned the awards link in the PR.

  • How many days do I get for the Voting Campaign?
    Every Nominee gets maximum of 15 days to collect votes from their Clients and industry partners.
  • Can I claim points for every campaign ?
    We have list of campaigns eligible for claiming votes. You can claim only once for each marketing campaign. 
    For Example :
    You can claim Facebook Share points once, Facebook Ads Once, WhatsApp Share once & etc.
    To claim Points, click "Claim Points" link /button in "My Nomination" Section
    Note : Every claims are subject to our team's approval

Selection Process

  • Who is the Jury of the award program ?

    Our jury panel are experienced professionals from the restaurant industry We have jury members from all over the world who have wide knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • How many levels of Jury review involved to shortlist the winners ?

    There are 3 levels of jury review and selection process involved in the winner selection process.

  • Can I approach the Jury directly ?

    We STRICTLY do not encourage any of our nominees to speak to our judging panel with regards to the nomination/voting / selection process

Gala Ceremony

  • Is there a Gala ceremony for the 2024 Award Program ?
    Yes. We have planned the Gala Ceremony for year 2024
    Please refer the schedule section for more details.

  • Can I change the award winning category ?
    Our Award selection process involves various stages such as First Level Jury Team evaluation, Voting Process, 2nd Level Jury evaluation, Management Team Review. Once you're announced as a winner for a particular category, It is NOT Possible to change the category.
  • Can I publish my winning to my clients or post in social media without purchasing a winner package ?

    No. Winners are NOT allowed to use International Dining Awards Logo, Brand Name or any materials related to International Dining 

    Rights to use International Dining Awards Logo, Name, Website or any other materials related to award program are a part of the Winner Package. You are free to use all the materials once you purchase the winner package.

  • What is the winner 's package ?

    The winner package includes the below 

    • RIGHTS TO USE International Dining Awards Logo, Brand Name. Use it in all your promotional Materials
    • Complimentary Nomination for next  Year
    • Complimentary Nomination for your company individuals (GM / Managers / Directors & etc)
    • List your  Restaurant on our Awards Portal
    • Your Social Media Links at our Awards portal
    • Trophy , medal ,plaque , video announcement  ( depending on the package )
  • We want to feature our restaurant on the award website's home page. Can you advise ?

    Please contact us at support@goldentreeevents.org for more information.